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What Can The Rod-Hugger Do?

The Rod-Hugger can eliminate line and tackle tangles by securing dangling lines equipped with lure, bait, hook, sinker, float, ect. Its unique non-slip backing provides gripping power to secure the position of an odject along the fishing rod's surface and can prevent slippage. It can be easily located at any desired position along the rod's surface which provides the fisherman many advantages and allows the line to be set taut.



The Rod-Hugger can easily be applied to locate the line and tackle in the desired quick cast position. The tab allows the fisherman a quick release to optimize casting. The Rod-Hugger is a safe must have tool. It can be used while transporting fishing tackle and can be stored anywhere along the rod's surface for safe keeping while not in use. The Rod-Hugger is effective, affordable and adds to the art of fishing.



Tackle Up - Not - Tangle Up